How to Choose Climate-Friendly Foods

How Is Climate-Friendliness Calculated? UBC’s climate-friendly food label currently provides you with information on how much GHGs are emitted to produce the ingredients in your meal.  The Climate-Friendly Food Systems (CFFS) label is assigned for each menu item based on its Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. This is calculated by summing up the GHG emission of … Read more

Farmer’s Market Like a Pro

There’s nothing quite like the farmer’s market: The fresh produce, the flowers, the artisanal baked goods! Whether you shop big at the Kelowna Farmer’s Market, or further afield in Armstrong, Vernon or elsewhere, we want to make sure you make the most out of your shopping experience! Read on! Why Shop at a Farm Market … Read more

All Hail Kale!

You’ve probably heard that kale is a super food, but have you ever learned about what exactly makes it so awesome? This leafy, dark green veggie is full of filling fibre, healthful nutrients, and robust flavour. And it’s probably way more versatile (and delicious) than you’ve realized! So let’s take a minute to celebrate all … Read more

UBCO Cookbook

You’re One Bite Away from a Healthier You! Nourishing your body and mind through food is important all year long!  If you are looking for delicious, simple, and nourishing recipes, as well as credible and evidence-based nutrition tips, then check out this amazing cookbook! It was created by UBCO students as part of a nutrition … Read more

Nutrition Tips For Times of Stress

By Janyn Zoccoli Stress is a normal reaction to challenging or unsure times in our lives, but sometimes too much stress can have negative effects on our health. It is important to recognize how stress impacts your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. 4 Tips for Maintaining Healthy Eating Habits in Times of Stress 1. Tune in … Read more

Reducing Caffeine During Exams

During the busy exam season, keeping your energy levels up throughout the day is a must. Which is why many of us turn to caffeine as a solution to stay alert and focused during times of intense mental work. Sarah Dalman, a 5th year dietetics student at UBC, talks about the impact of caffeine, and … Read more

How to Handle Stress Eating

Sarah Dalman, a 5th year dietetics student at UBC, shares her tips on managing stress eating. Sarah’s interest in nutrition, science, and using evidence-based practices to promote good health has led her to pursue a career in dietetics. She is passionate about empowering others to use food as a vehicle to support overall physical and … Read more

Thrive By Eating Well

November is Thrive at UBC! As we navigate these difficult times, you may be feeling stressed or worried, and the isolation of physical distancing may be exacerbating these feelings.  Research points to five ways that can help promote a healthy mind: the Thrive 5 — simple, easy-to-implement ways to help support your mental health.  Eating a balanced diet … Read more

Regrow Plants From Kitchen Scraps

By Egan Davis, principal instructor of the horticulture training program at the UBC Botanical Garden As we watch spring blossom outside our windows and try to minimize trips to the grocery store, UBC asked horticulturist Egan Davis – the Principal Instructor of UBC’s Horticulture Training Program – for tips on how to re-grow food from … Read more