The Eating Experience

Finding Satisfaction and Coping with Emotions At times it can be easy to forget that eating involves more than just addressing our physiological needs, it also includes the experience itself and the pleasure we can gain from it. By having a better understanding of taste and emotional hunger, the satisfaction factor, and how food is … Read more

Challenge the Food Police

Who (or what) are the food police? The food police are the thoughts that judge what and how much we eat. They also make sure that we’re following “food rules”. Some examples of food police language include thoughts or comments such as “that has too many calories” or “I will gain weight if I eat … Read more

Why Food Is Not the Enemy

Diet culture is the set of beliefs that demonizes certain foods and elevates others. We need to make peace with food and challenge the food police so that we can remove guilt and shame and have the freedom to eat how we want. What does it mean to make peace with food?  Making peace with … Read more

How Do I Know if I’m Hungry or Full?

Tapping into your hunger and fullness cues Hunger cues are the signals our bodies give to tell us it needs food, and satiety (or fullness) cues are the signals that tell us when we are full and satisfied. Sounds simple, right? But for those who have ignored their hunger cues due to diet culture (which … Read more