Mental Health and Healthy Eating

Now that THRIVE month has come to a close I wanted to share one more post about the connection between mental health, because without mental health there is no health, and without nutrition there is no mental health. Let’s throw it back to basics: Some Nutrition 101.  Nutritious food is absolutely vital in everyone’s daily … Read more

6 Tips to Cut Back Food Waste

There’s nothing more frustrating than watching fresh, delicious food go to waste – especially produce! Cooking at home leads to eating healthier meals and saves you money, but expired food can be a real source of anxiety, according to UBC Registered Dietitians Julie Stachiw (Okanagan campus) and Melissa Baker. Next time you buy fresh produce, … Read more

Mindful Grocery Shopping and Eating While Stuck at Home

By Julie Stachiw | Registered Dietitian, Manager, Nutrition and Wellbeing The world feels topsy turvy at the moment. Most of us are studying or working from home, and are missing the connections we have with family, friends, classmates and workmates, including study breaks, meals and outdoor time together. You may be wondering what to do … Read more