Farmer’s Market Like a Pro

There’s nothing quite like the farmer’s market: The fresh produce, the flowers, the artisanal baked goods! Whether you shop big at the Kelowna Farmer’s Market, or further afield in Armstrong, Vernon or elsewhere, we want to make sure you make the most out of your shopping experience! Read on! Why Shop at a Farm Market … Read more

Regrow Plants From Kitchen Scraps

By Egan Davis, principal instructor of the horticulture training program at the UBC Botanical Garden As we watch spring blossom outside our windows and try to minimize trips to the grocery store, UBC asked horticulturist Egan Davis – the Principal Instructor of UBC’s Horticulture Training Program – for tips on how to re-grow food from … Read more

4 Tips to Cook for Yourself

As a student, it may seem daunting to cook for yourself. Purchasing meals when you are out on the go is an easier option, but there are many benefits to cooking at home that make it worth the added effort. Preparing your own food is cheaper compared to eating out, can help you build essential … Read more