Nutrition Tips For Times of Stress

By Janyn Zoccoli Stress is a normal reaction to challenging or unsure times in our lives, but sometimes too much stress can have negative effects on our health. It is important to recognize how stress impacts your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. 4 Tips for Maintaining Healthy Eating Habits in Times of Stress 1. Tune in … Read more

Reducing Caffeine During Exams

During the busy exam season, keeping your energy levels up throughout the day is a must. Which is why many of us turn to caffeine as a solution to stay alert and focused during times of intense mental work. Sarah Dalman, a 5th year dietetics student at UBC, talks about the impact of caffeine, and … Read more

How to Handle Stress Eating

Sarah Dalman, a 5th year dietetics student at UBC, shares her tips on managing stress eating. Sarah’s interest in nutrition, science, and using evidence-based practices to promote good health has led her to pursue a career in dietetics. She is passionate about empowering others to use food as a vehicle to support overall physical and … Read more

What to Eat Before an Exam

As tempting as it is to learn quantum mechanics while mindlessly munching on handfuls of chips, this is not ideal fuel for your brain while studying. What we put into our bodies has a huge influence on how we perform physically and mentally.  UBC dietitian Melissa Baker shares some insider information on what we should be eating to … Read more

Mental Health and Healthy Eating

Now that THRIVE month has come to a close I wanted to share one more post about the connection between mental health, because without mental health there is no health, and without nutrition there is no mental health. Let’s throw it back to basics: Some Nutrition 101.  Nutritious food is absolutely vital in everyone’s daily … Read more

Easy Exam Season Snack Ideas

By Nisha Takhar | UBC Dietitics Student Exam season is a tough time for all students. Hitting the books for many hours – plus the change in routine and schedule – can make it harder to connect with our body’s internal hunger cues. This can lead to stress eating, or forgetting to eat altogether. The … Read more

Mindful Grocery Shopping and Eating While Stuck at Home

By Julie Stachiw | Registered Dietitian, Manager, Nutrition and Wellbeing The world feels topsy turvy at the moment. Most of us are studying or working from home, and are missing the connections we have with family, friends, classmates and workmates, including study breaks, meals and outdoor time together. You may be wondering what to do … Read more

Healthy Snacking 101

Snacking is a great way to help get in all of the nutrients you need and keep your energy levels high throughout the day. Healthy snacking between meals can help to regulate blood sugar levels, preventing that dreaded 4pm slump. Depending how close you are to your next meal, the size of your snacks will … Read more